Core Group

The original Turtle Bay CSA core group in 2010. We’ve grown a lot since then!

Our core group members receive nominal compensation in the form of a discounted veggie share, commensurate with the expected number of volunteer hours contributed for the position.

The core group for this year is:

Core Group Manager:  Jenn Goodson
Registration Manager: Ann Seligman
Distribution Manager:
Michele Klausner
Shift Manager: Mina Fukuda
Newsletter Editors: Natasha Sanders & Steve Klausner


Distribution Coordinators:

Early Shift Distribution Coordinators:
Late Shift Distribution Coordinators:


We also have non-core group roles.  These include:

Photographer: TBD
Founder and CSA Consultant: Cara Wolinsky


We are always looking for more help, and encourage involvement at whatever time commitment and interest level you may have.

If you’d like to participate in administration of the CSA email us for more information: