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Thanks and welcome to the Turtle Bay CSA!

You’re paying online and wonder why there is a shipping charge?  Good question!  Nope, we’re not shipping your veggies to your home!  The $20 “shipping charge” is just the mandatory CSA admin fee in disguise.  And the shipping address you’re being asked for?  Same as before, just  another disguise.  This time  for your billing address.  Sorry!  We know veggie shipping is such a tease!

If you paid through our online store last year be sure to click SIGN IN.  It will save you from typing your address again.

To secure your share, we require payment in full within two weeks of registering online, or by May 10 (whichever is sooner). You will receive an email confirming that your share has been secured when your payment is received.

We have two payment options:

1) Online payment through Dwolla. Once you submit this registration form, please proceed to (link should open in a new tab) to complete your online payment and confirm your shares.

2) Pay by check. If you are paying by check, we require TWO separate checks, both made payable to “Free Bird Farm” : – 1st check for your share items (veggies, fruit, eggs, poultry, etc.) – 2nd check for the $20 Admin Fee Mail your checks (or drop off between 8 am and midnight) to: Ann Seligman 235 E. 46th St. #C New York, NY 10017 

Checks will be mailed in batches to Free Bird Farm for deposit, so please be sure there is a sufficient balance in your account for at least a month in case there is a delay in depositing your check. You are responsible for any bounced-check fees incurred.